Wander through ancient monuments

Whether it’s just to have a nice walk in a beautiful environment or to feel the wings of history, Gästgivarehagen is a really lovely place. You will find the pasture in the southeastern part of Vimmerby urban area, just a stone’s throw from Vimmerby camping . Or more precisely about two kilometers that you can take as a pleasant walk. If it suits your company to take the car there, there is a spacious parking lot with entrance from Älåkragatan.

The historic site has about 300 ancient tombs from the 800s-1000s. The grave area has been larger but has over the years been cultivated. The finds found in the tombs are buckles, coins, knives and more, so even though the tombs were created during the Viking Age, there are no weapons among the finds. You can look at several of the finds in Näktergalen Museum, inside central Vimmerby.

That the pasture is called Gästgivarehagen is due to the fact that the innkeeper in Vimmerby in the 18th century used the land as grazing land for horses. When you take a walk on the western part of Storgatan in Vimmerby, the old inn remains “Grankvistgården”. The house is privately owned and extends between Storgatan and Stångågatan. It is declared a building monument with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings and the gate to Clemens alley, is known as the filming location in the film where Emil in Lönneberga went to the doctor in Mariannelund.

Vimmerby hembygdsförening is today in charge of the open-air museum that began to be built in the 1920s in the pasture. The museum consists of a number of older buildings such as Stadsgården, Östra Tullstugan and Stolpe’s cabin. Once in place, you can scan a QR code with your mobile and get a guided tour. Or you can go on the tour already now: https://www.hembygd.se/vimmerby/rundtur .

In Venholm, right on the edge of Gästgivarehagen, you will find Vimmerby pottery and the artists Dale Karlsson and Karin Bengtsson . And not far from there is Carl Forsberg’s pottery, which he founded in 1864.

There have been many festivities in Gästgivarehagen over the years. In the 19th century, there was a popular party place with a dance floor and it has been celebrated Midsummer for many years, with a large midsummer pole. Now you can make your own little party, bring a pick-nick basket and sit down among the beautiful birches on a bench. If you come in the spring, the whole ground is covered with white anemones. Or take the opportunity to visit the pasture when the small café is open. At the parking lot there is a small serving room with coffee and bread. Check the opening hours so you can enjoy a good coffee when you are here.

The inn garden is easily accessible with a nice gravel walkway that extends through the entire area and a parking lot is located adjacent to the cafe building.