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Hello, How great that you found your way to my tips page. Vimmerby has so much to offer, regardless of age and travel companions. I was born and raised in Vimmerby and am incredibly proud of what our little town can offer – all year round! If I were to book a vacation to the children’s town of Vimmerby myself, there are a few things I would prepare for a little extra. Needs to be pre-booked Much of what you can do here doesn’t need to be pre-booked and can be experienced when the mood strikes. However, there are some parts that can be nice to have pre-booked and ready. Astrid Lindgren’s World – it can’t be fully booked, or more accurately, it has never been. However, there is a charm in having the tickets ready when you arrive. The queues. With pre-purchased tickets, you can easily scan a QR code at the entrance and avoid waiting in line. Virum Moose Park – No matter where in the world you are, a face-to-face meeting with the king of the forest is something that must be experienced. At Virum, you can get so close that you can feed the moose with your mouth. The destination is popular, and you should have pre-booked which tour you want to take! Doesn’t need to be pre-booked It’s not a complete list; there are too many different things to do and see & experience. Vimmerby Adventure – one of Sweden’s largest high ropes courses. If you dare to go all the way, you suddenly walk over logs 18 meters up in the air, but daredevils of all ages are welcome. As long as the person is over 100 cm, there are discoveries to be made. Also, don’t miss their daring zip-lines. Bullerbyn – or Sevedstorp, as we locals call it, is the filming location for the movie “Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn” (Children of Noisy Village). If you’ve seen the movies, you’ll recognize every tree placed in the surroundings. It takes about 20 minutes from Vimmerby Camping, and the journey can be perfectly planned with a visit to Katthult. In Katthult, you’ll encounter everything from tricycle sheds to carpentry sheds and Emil’s house.

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