The filming locations

Wherever you go in Astrid Lindgren’s Vimmerby, there is inspiration and the natural play areas that have inspired the books.
You can also travel into the world of film and visit the filming locations of some of the biggest characters.

Bullerbyn – the three small farms in Sevedstorp were the model in the books about Bullerbyn. Astrid’s father Samuel August grew up here and here they also recorded the films about All of us children in Bullerbyn in 1986-87.
During the summer months, the village comes to life, there are different animals and you can jump in the hay. In one of the barns is Café Sörgården where waffles and cheesecake are served

Katthult – The films’ Katthult is located in the local Rumskulla, more specifically in the village Gibberyd. All the houses that you have seen and lived in from the movies are still here. Put yourself in the world-famous Snickerboa where Allan Edwall so many times chased in everyone’s our Emil. Meet all the animals on the farm in the idyllic and unique environment, in Katthultsboden you can buy your souvenirs, coffee, ice cream and drinks

Filmbyn Småland – In Filmbyn you get to experience filming environments from classic children’s films such as Emil in Lönneberga, Saltkråkan and Pippi Longstocking. Step into the world of film in an exhibition created in the spirit of Astrid Lindgren!
Here you can see classic studio constructions and original costumes from the films. Sing to film music and create your own mobile movies or experience the interactive environments.
Take the opportunity to have lunch at the famous meat noise restaurant