The Beach

We are often called Smålands Riviera thanks to the nice beach.
The beach is combined with both grass and sand with a nice bottom.
Here you can safely swim from the new bridge in U-shape.
Closest to the beach there is a circled part with a shallower bottom for the little ones to swim from.

If you have forgotten to bring your beach towel, deck chair or sunscreen, the ice cream kiosk is always close at hand. The ice cream kiosk also rents out popular paddle boats, canoes and rowing boats. And since it is called Glasskiosken, there is both soft ice cream and ice cream on a stick and in an ostrich from Triumph.

On the beach there is a small playground, rubbish bins and park benches. At the far end of the beach, it is allowed to swim with dogs. Even there, the bottom is nice so it should be nice for the paws to play in the water. If the dog wants to play on dry land, there is a fenced area next to the bath, where the four-legged friends can play freely.

From the top of the ladder, everyone can be a sea captain

Before the dog bath, there is a large barbecue area ready and there is always dry and fine wood from trees that have grown in the area. So do not forget the pick-nick basket with something good to put on the grill. Or are the accessories the tastiest? But did you forget the food? No danger, visit our evening restaurant which is located right next to the beach. The appreciated á la carte menu makes you happy to come back.
We should not forget to tell you that the beach and piers belong to Vimmerby municipality. There are good pieces of the puzzle that fit well together, our private campsite with service, activities and offerings and the municipal bathing area with jetties and beach. In Vimmerby we like to do things together!