Hiking guide

Brantestad naturrunda

Beautiful walking path through a mixed landscape with forest and open arable land. The path passes several pastures with cows, pigs and horses and there are several historical and nature-interesting places along the road that are described on information boards. Along the round there are several benches as well as an outdoor toilet and a barbecue area. Information leaflets are available at, among other places, the tourist office

Length: about 10 km

Estimated time required Experienced hiker: 2h Beginner: 2h 30 min With kids: 3h 30 min

Difficulty: easy

Path structure: forest path, gravel road and short distances with asphalt

Directions, take highway 40 towards Västervik. After about a mile, turn right towards “Naturrunda”, follow signs and park at Brantestad old school. About 20 minutes drive from Vimmerby camping.


Hiking trail through a changing landscape of meadows and mixed forest. There are two windbreaks along the round with barbecue areas and a toilet at the beginning of the round. The path goes through pastures where there may be animals. Several historical and nature-interesting places along the road that are described on information boards along the round.

Length: about 7 km

Estimated time consumption:
Experienced hiker: 1.5h
Beginner: 2h
With children: 3h

Difficulty: easy-medium

Path structure: Alternating path and gravel road

Directions: Follow signs for Djursdala, north of Vimmerby, about 20 minutes by car from Vimmerby camping. Just before Djursdala village, turn right towards Ungstorp.

Norra Kvills nationalpark

Hike in real primeval forest, in a forest terrain with untouched nature and a lot of coniferous forest. In the park there are two small lakes and a lookout point. At the beginning of the trail there is an outdoor toilet and a rest area with a couple of tables. There is also a board with a map. Folders are available at, among other places, the tourist office.

Length: Red loop: 2.5 km, add blue loop: a total of 4.3 km

Time for blue plus red loop:
Experienced hiker: 1 h.
Beginner: 1.5 h
With children: 2, 5 hours

Difficulty: Medium, not stroller friendly

Path structure: Uneven terrain with patchy stones or roots over the path. In some places a big level difference. Clear markings of the joints with blue or red color.

Directions: Northwest of Vimmerby, about 30 minutes from Vimmerby Camping by car. Follow signs from the intersection at Åbro. Spacious parking at the beginning of the trails.

The path at the campsite –

The round goes along the lake, with a view of the campsite and a bit in a forest area.

Length: about 2 km (starting from the reception)

Estimated time spent:
Experienced hiker: 20 minutes
Beginner: 30 minutes
With children: 30 minutes

Path structure: asphalt, gravel road, coarse shingle

Difficulty: Easy, stroller friendly