Emil in Lönneberga

Filming location Katthult

It’s a little special feeling to come to a filming location. The place that you have a special relationship with on the screen or on TV. Maybe it’s recognizing oneself that is the wonderful feeling? Or to see that the camera lens has changed perspective or even to know that famous people have walked right here in the cozy environment.

When you get to Katthult , or Gibberyd as the village is called on the map, you immediately recognize the red nice house. So typical of Småland! Red with white knots, just as it should be. The small kitchen entrance where Emil’s father rushed out and shouted “Förgömmade onge” when Emil had just wanted to help. But when it got a little crazy and the adults thought it was a joke.

But most important is still snicke’boa! If you go to Katthult, you will of course be locked up for real. Where it was carved and carved and pondered. This is a really good place for today’s selfie, right? Or is it on Alfred’s porch? You and I Alfred! You and I Emil! We all have our favorite quote from all of Astrid Lindgren’s books and films.

The flagpole and the flag are also central to the environment, just like in almost all farm environments. A hoisted flag shows that it is a party and something to celebrate. And many are the ones who have quoted Emil when he hoists up his little sister Ida in the flagpole one day when they are partying in Katthult and asks if she looks to Mariannelund. In the film we see how Ida with her red dress and white apron hangs at the top of the flagpole and is probably a bit like the Danish Dannebrogen, right? But when we are in Katthult, we may have to explain to someone in the company that they have been tricked a bit in the film. It is not possible to hoist little sisters in a flagpole.

Katthult can be found just west of Vimmerby, at Rumskulla, only about 30 minutes drive from Vimmerby camping . Katthult is a privately owned farm where you can stroll around the garden, lock yourself in the carpenter’s booth and botanize in the small souvenir shop. A little coffee and an ice cream can be good to be able to stay a little longer and become a little more Emil and Ida, become a little more Alfred and Lina or Alma and Anton. When Olle Hellbom directed the Emil films in the 1970s, they chose to record the indoor environments in different places around the area and many were scenery, so therefore the house in Katthult is not open to the public. When you are in Katthult, you can take the opportunity to visit Filmbyn in Mariannelund. There are a lot of props preserved and you can put your head in the soup bowl. Just be careful not to get stuck!