Activities for the family in Vimmerby

Vimmerby is often described as the City of Children – with good reason. . There is so much more to see and do in the municipality for the whole family.

If you are eager to escape into a world of adventure, to blow up your comfort zones and challenge your body and your senses, take to the Nordic region’s largest high-altitude course at Vimmerby Adventure
With 8 different levels of difficulty and over 80 stations, there is something for the smaller children as well as for adventurous parents .

If you want to joke and play with a roof over your head, Kalles Lek o Lattjo has a giant house where you can jump, climb , bounce and go out for long slides. Dive into a sea of ​​balls, climb the colorful soft stairs, take down the rush cane and whiz out of the shark’s gap.
They also have a Glow In The Dark mini golf course that is unique in its kind. The entrance to the golf course is solved separately for those who only want to enter for that purpose.

In the building next door is one of Europe’s largest museums for those who like motorcycles in general and motocross in particular – MX World Collection
With a collection of over 400 different bikes, it is a world-unique collection you can view.
On the ground floor there is a large collection of standard crosses along with presentations and gadgets from well-known drivers. On the second floor there are special crosses, enduro bikes and speedway bikes from all possible world champions in original design.

There is something special about experiencing nature in the Småland forests, one of the things we are especially proud of is the reputable moose enclosure at Virum Älgpark
Here you go in an 8 hectare fence where moose and deer walk in their natural environment.
If you dare, there is the opportunity to pet them as well as to feed the king of the forest!