Whether you want to relax and do nothing or be active with running in your legs, it always feels good to be at Vimmerby Camping. The campsite has the best location along Nossen’s northernmost bay with water activities for many tastes. Engines are only available in the lake if they are powered by electricity, so we believe that the fastest craft is when you change the pace of the canoe. Or is it when you and your friend get speed on the pedal boat before you take a dip in the middle of the lake? And when you’re still wet, try a stand-up paddle. Do you like to swim quietly for a while before the rest of the world wakes up? Feel the fresh water and let the day start calmly and comfortably. Or do you enjoy throwing a few times with your rod, maybe not so much to catch the dinner, but more for the feeling.
The mini golf courses are suitable for young and old, challenge your friends and have a nice time together.

If we say Vimmerby, you are probably thinking of Astrid Lindgren, the world-famous author who grew up right here. There are environments around the area that inspired her and we recognize ourselves in the books when we come to the real Bullerbyn, which is called Sevedstorp on the map. Or when we find the sugar drink tree at her childhood home Näs. Take a walk around the square in the city and find the alleys that maybe Kalle Blomqvist ran around in and the City Hotel that is described in the books about Madicken. If you are curious about more, you can follow a guide, who shows you around to the inspirational environments.
Vimmerby is an old town, where there are buildings left from the 17th century. It gives a wonderful atmosphere and it is nice to just stroll around, eat something good, have a cup of coffee or shop in the small shops.