What is important to you when choosing accommodation during your trip? Maybe there are beautiful views from the place you take your morning coffee? Or that it’s fun for the kids almost all day? Do you often say “smooth” or is it “affordable” that can be crucial in your choice?
We are proud to have a facility that has generous areas, never any congestion and above all we are proud that it is a safe facility to visit. Maybe you think it is important that your accommodation is not too far from a city? From Vimmerby Camping to Vimmerby city center it is 3 kilometers. It’s close, right? And if you want to live close to nature, we say spot on. Turn your head a little, just that, there you have nature right around Vimmerby camping.
To choose your accommodation with us, we suggest that you first take a look at the area map. There you see where the service houses are located, you also see where the beach and restaurant are and how the roads go through the area.