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Vimmerby Camping is a privately owned facility where the owners are the Thorstensson / Wolmeryd family since January -19.
The road to becoming a camping entrepreneur is somewhat different.
Until the summer, Hampus ran a bowling alley and restaurant in the west coast town of Kungälv, where he fell head over heels in love with the Kungsbacka girl Elisabeth. Elisabeth then worked as a buyer of clothes and more or less commuted weekly to Paris and London.
During the autumn, we made the decision to buy a summer cottage near Hampus’ parents in the childhood town of Vimmerby.
The dream cottage that we saw on the internet was just a few steps away from what would later become our workplace. The cottage had everything we wanted, its own beach, sunset on the porch and easy to cycle into town. It was only the details that made the purchase go awry.
With a slightly moloken mine, we went to the campsite’s reception where we met the then owner “NossenBossen-Lasse”. He offered coffee and said he was thinking of selling.
Our entrepreneurial brains went at full speed.
It took 2 weeks of intense discussions for us to get to the shots and buy the campsite. We signed the contract during a holiday trip to Thailand.
With the results in hand, we know that what we did was just right, Vimmerby feels at home for us and we have so much fun with all the guests on site!

Elisabeth’s constant companions and the great manager of the campsite, “NosenBossen-Greta”, accompanied us to Vimmerby. A griffon with a lot of self-love, she likes to stay on her side with likes to welcome guests to the reception with a dog-hello.

On May 25, 2020, the campsite’s own sunbeam came to earth, Leyton. Of course, he got an employment contract in the mailbox the same day we came home from BB. Our great driving force is to keep the campsite in constant development and all development comes from feedback and inspiration. So you have a thought we should think, feel free to tell us!

With us, there are activities to create joy for most people!
A selection of the beautiful hiking trails Vimmerby invites you to