About Vimmerby Camping

It is a historic facility where the first campers visited Vimmerby Camping sometime in the 40s or 50s.

At that time, our hostel Alphyddan was the center of the facility as it served as a reception, bakery and café.
Out in the lake there was a large jumping tower and a classic dance floor – with a touch of the Riviera when it was expanded in the lake.
In addition to that time, in addition to the hostel, there are also the beautifully carved entrance gates.
The dance floor disappeared in the early 80’s and has given way to, among other things, the fine lake sauna that bounces in its place.
Hopptornet, which, incidentally, was built by the military in an exercise, remained until the end of the 80s when there was no longer anyone responsible for its care and maintenance.

If you root among archive photos, you can quite quickly see that the area around Nossens beach has been a place of joy for generations.

Much has happened since the first tents were set up on the lawns, which at that time were owned by Vimmerby municipality and leased out to private actors.
In 2000, Nossenbadets Camping became Vimmerby Camping, Nossenbadet instead. This in connection with Lasse “NossenBossen” Johansson buying the facility from the municipality.
A great development took off and building after building came after the needs increased.
Lasse operated the facility successfully for 19 years.
In 2019, the facility was purchased by Elisabeth & amp; Hampus who with great enthusiasm works daily for development in collaboration with conservation.

The facility is beautifully situated and nature is something that is well cared for in consultation with other activities in the area.

With us, there are activities to create joy for most people!