24Food Nossen Livs

We offer service no matter what time of day you need it.
In the center of the facility you will find our unmanned grocery store 2 4Food NossenLivs

The shop is filled to the brim with everything that may be needed – here you will find the ingredients for the morning pancakes, panic coffee or evening coziness. Everything from chips and sweets to dairy and charcuterie.
We work with established brands as well as with smaller local suppliers and try to strive for a competitive price picture.

To shop:
1: Download the 24Food app and identify yourself with Mobile Bank ID. If you are unsure about the digital, contact the reception to get a personal key.
2: Open the door and pick up the items you want.
3: Scan the items in the convenient self-scanning cash register.
4: Pay for your purchase with Visa / Mastercard
5: Ready

Some of our brands:

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